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Carl’s Place (4:3) 144″ Diag.- 7.7 x 10 Ft Preferred Golf Impact Screen Finished with Black Vinyl Edges and Grommets, Golf Screen, Golf Simulator Screen, Golf Simulator Impact Screen, Impact Screen

Preferred impact screens are intended for use with real golf balls up-to 250 mph. Our preferred golf screens have tightly woven fiber resulting in a surface that is significantly smoother than our standard material and also more resistant to wear due to its silicone reinforcement.

Selecting a Screen Size:
Aspect ratio simply refers to the shape of the image being projected. Match the aspect ratio of your projector and the image to that of the screen. When the ratio of the projector, image and screen match the image fills the entire screen and you will not see black masking bars.

What are black masking bars? Think … “this film has been modified to fit your TV”. When a film has been modified to fit your TV screen you often see black bars at the top and bottom or left and right of your screen.

An aspect ratio of 4:3 has the shape of a CRT TV, and a 16:9 has the shape of a flat screen TV. The 4:3 is common for golf simulators because it allows you to go taller, giving you more room to swing, without needing a wider room. If space allows the 16:9 is great for 4K and HD images. The 1:1 is square, it’s uncommon for projection, but may work if space is limited, although it increases the chances of seeing black bars.

Impact screens are “wearable” products, and depending on the individual’s use, they may start showing wear immediately after its first use. This is normal. All our impact screens, however, should withstand several thousands of strikes from even the best golfers. Our preferred and premium impact screens have been independently tested. Results indicate medium wear will be seen around 4,000-5,000 shots and heavy wear around 14,000-20,000 shots.

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