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PhiGolf Golf Simulator with Swing Trainer Club

With PhiGolf, enjoy a round of golf with your friends on your smartphone anywhere you want, without needing to buy an expensive golf simulator.

PhiGolf is a portable swing analyzer that allows you to record and analyze your golf swings on the app. Its motion sensor, inserted in your standard club or the included swing trainer club, detects head speed, swing path, tempo, face angle, attack angle, and estimated carry distance, allowing you to adjust and coach your own swings. PhiGolf weighs just 10 grams so you won’t feel it when you swing.

The app pairs with the PhiGolf device via Bluetooth and offers 3D visualization of the detailed swing data, easy to understand even for golf beginners.

PhiGolf offers 7 game modes to make your golf practice more fun.

  • With Stroke play, you can choose from 3 to 18-hole rounds and play golf with your friends and family (in the same room or remotely) on a virtual golf course like you’re playing golf on an actual course.
  • In Nearest Game Mode, the players set a target distance and the one who gets the ball nearest to that target wins the game.
  • The Approach Shot Practice is something even pro golfers practice all the time and it is one of the most crucial practices in golf along with your putting practice.
  • The Putting Game played on a virtual green can also be a very useful practice tool for amateur golfers.

Connect your smartphone to your big screen wirelessly or by using an HDMI cable for a more immersive virtual golf experience.

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