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Edge Irons Ben Hogan


  • HAND : Right / Left
  • MAKE-UP : 4-PW (Optional)
  • SHAFT | FLEX : KBS-Tour V Stiff Steel (Optional)
  • GRIP : Standard / Medium

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Edge Irons Ben Hogan – When the first Ben Hogan Edge iron was introduced thirty years ago, they quickly became known as the game’s preeminent ‘Game Enhancement’ iron. Golfers used the original Edge because it looked and felt like a player’s iron, but it offered much of the same forgiveness and play ability of less visually attractive, investment cast ‘Game Improvement’ irons.

The same is true with the new Ben Hogan Edge. As with all Ben Hogan irons and wedges, it’s forged to provide outstanding feedback so you can actually feel what you are doing right… and wrong. Yet the Edge is packed with the technology inside to help minimize the effect of miss-hits, so you can enjoy the game while fine tuning your swing.

Best of all, our engineers and designers have made it look like a Hogan iron so you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and performance.

Edge Irons Ben Hogan Specs:

  • HAND : Right / Left
  • MAKE-UP : 4-PW (Optional)
  • SHAFT | FLEX : KBS-Tour V Stiff Steel (Optional)
  • GRIP : Standard / Medium

Technology you can’t see, but will definitely feel.

Perimeter weighting has long been proven to be a viable club technology. Positioning weight around the edges of the head creates more stability and, in turn, more forgiveness. However, perimeter weighted, cavity back investment cast clubs sacrifice the elusive quality of feel.

Edge Irons Ben HoganPerimeter weighting technology has been nearly impossible to incorporate into a single-piece forged iron. So, the Ben Hogan Edge is constructed using two separate forged parts. The face is forged first using a hydraulic hammer, then its laser-welded to the back frame and hosel that is forged separately. Although expensive and difficult to manufacture, this process allows us to create exceptional perimeter weighting both inside and outside of the club head.

The hollow head construction also allowed us to vary the thickness of the club face. The longer irons with stronger lofts have a very thin, yet strong face for exceptional distance… even on shots struck on the toe or heel. The mid and short irons incorporate a progressively thicker face design providing for solid feel on scoring shots.

Once we’ve packed the heads with technology, they are filled with polycarbonate foam to create an incredibly solid feeling iron.

Ben Hogan Edge irons. It’s what is on the inside that counts.

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