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Tittle Golf X-Golf Premium Simulator Analyzer

Tittle Golf X-Golf Premium Simulator Tittle X is not the first indoor golf simulator. Merely, it is the first simulator device that revolutionarliy miniaturized the features of multi-thousand dollar equipment into a 7.9g device. All you have to do is mount a Tittle X device on your golf club and connect to a vivid 3D simulator like TruGolf E6 Cloud. PLAY INDOOR Play life-like golf at home or office without spending thousands of dollars on equipment. PLAY REAL Play 3D rendered real-world golf courses of TruGolf E6 Cloud along with Tittle X Golf Simulator. PLAY EASY Enjoy a round of golf with children or inexperienced players with the shortened Swing Stick (or Safety Stick) without hitting balls. EASY INSTALL, SIMPLE USE Consumer-friendly setup and easy connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. No need to fit the components together or customize for the environment. COMPONENTS * Tittle device 1 year guarantee * Collapsible Swing Stick * 10 Cradles for Real club support * E6 Golf 1.6 Verification code * Safty Band for Indoor Play * Charger Cable and Manual TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS * Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, 2.4Ghz, 1Mbps * Display: OLED Display with 128×32 Resolution * Cradles: 1 Master, 1 Putter * Sensors: 6-Axis MEM (microelectromechanical) sensor Hall sensor for club recognition * Supported Smartphones: Android 4.3 or higher & iOS 8 or higher * Power source: Lithium Polymer 70 mAh, 2 Hours(Full charged) Runtime 5 Hours * Size/Weight: 43mm x 18mm x 10.5mm / 7.9g (0.28 oz) E6 GOLF SYSTEM REQUIRMENT * CPU: i3, i5, i7 – 2.0Ghz or faster * RAM: 4GB RAM * Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 * HDD: 25GB free hard drive space * Video Card: (PC) nVidia dedicated graphics GTX 460 or higher with minimum 1GB video RAM , (Laptop) nVidia dedicated graphics GTX 550m or higher with minimum 1GB video RAM DOWNLOAD, AND YOU’RE READY TO PLAY

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